Sunday, March 30, 2014

The escape

Hiding spot on F&F, Grouse MTN, Wednesday night - Photo by Aran Seaman

Escape plan logic

As athletes, we understand - at least at the intellectual level - that we must first overtax the system (train) to then recover (taper off) in order to make gains in performance. This typically happens in both macro and micro cycles with the intention of hopefully peaking for key events. I say that we comprehend this concept intellectually because when it gets to the execution of this very simple training AND recovery principle, many fumble irritably. This episode is affectionately known as the ‘Taper Crazies’.

Junction of F&F with Aran
Beauty moss on F&F

Lately, much has been written about elite ultra-trail runners filling their offseason with SKIMO (ski-mountaineering) or otherwise gorging on various snow sports, who subsequently hop off their skis mentally jazzed, injury free, and ‘kill it’ on their first race of the year. Yah, with no miles under their feet!

Jeff  often tells me “if it works for Killian …” hence why I enthusiastically devoted these past winter months to skiing, powerlifting, and zilch nil zero to running.

So. Great. I’m injury free and mentally jazzed about the upcoming trail running season. But guess what. I’m no elite and darn it: running hurts! With a negligible amount of miles banked, I feel downright unprepared for potentially 6+hours of mountain racing happening in a handful of days. Back in December, I was over thrilled to secure an entry to the DiezVista 50k, and now all I can do is shake my head.

The good news is, since I'm so lacking in running-specific fitness right now, I have opted to forgo tapering, and in effect completely bypass (escape) the infamous Taper Crazies by continuing to run leading up to race day. That’s good logic right there.

F&F lookout.
And attempt to bag Turbine summit until getting shooed-off by Grouse staff
because the ski run was still open, then Aran said something like
"told you this was a ridiculous idea"

What I did on my vacation week from The Taper Crazies
Olympic lifts + foam roller routine
Easy 6k road run, flat
Olympic lifts routine, hike 1.5k 1050m, Flint & Feather and up
Moderate 10k trail run, 100m, Buntzen Lake area
Rest / Foam roller routine
20kish trail run/power hike, 1100m, Swan Falls area
Rest / Ab ripper + foam roller routine

Buntzen Lake with Adele, Thursday night

Looking up near summit of Swan Falls loop, Saturday morning

Snowden and Thompson working their #mountainsexualmen pose

Happy runners - Photo by Graham Snowden

For proper advice on how to prepare for an ultra see Ellie’s suggestions in the latest issue of Canadian Running Magazine.

Next post: Pre-race interviews with local athletes gearing-up for DV50!


  1. The take-away from this post: Don't listen to what Jeff tells you.

  2. Ha ha! I followed your advice on the shoes too :-)