Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pre Diez Vista 50k Interviews

Buntzen Lake

Being the 150 spots were sold out in 77 minutes, I gather now from the DV50 FB posts that all lucky racers are bursting with anticipation for this weekend’s event. Not wanting to dwell on my own preparation – or lack thereof – we’ll turn our attention to how some of our local trail-mates are doing.

Let’s check-in with Josh Barringer,  Sarah Carter,  Jacek Doniec, and Jackie Muir on readiness and objectives for this race, and to learn what’s next in their respective schedules for 2014.

For more on who else is racing this weekend, see the UltraSignup Entrants list, and see race info here.

Chloe: How are you feeling for this Saturday’s race, are you ready?

Josh: Ever since my slough of minor injuries after the blister straight from the outer ring of the seventh circle of hell that took me down at Cascade Crest 100 in August 2013, I am just happy to be running without pain again. I have a new appreciation for running and with that a deeper desire to train harder. I have had a few moments in the past few weeks that let me know my training is on point. Now that all the hay is in the barn, I'm getting my taper on.

Sarah: I just did a ridiculously grueling cycling stage race in the heavy rain/wind/mud/steep climbs and so cold, such a tough event (the kind that makes you cry) … that said I feel unprepared, and like you, plan to just train through DV50 ... and recover afterwards!

Jacek: I've been struggling with achilles tendonitis problems all of last season. I got a decent few months of running and gradual increase in mileage, but in the last few weeks my achilles started playing up again. So right now, I'm not sure if I will be doing the DV50. I already canceled Gorge Waterfalls. Fitness wise I'm ready, but my achilles is tender. At this stage I have not made the final decision about this weekend.

Jackie: I'm feeling a little unprepared for this weekend's run. I’ve not logged a tone of long runs since Orcas 50km back in February, so this may not be my best 50k!

Chloe: How many times have you done DV50, and what are your objectives for this round?
Josh: I ran my first DV50 last year, and surprised myself with a decent time. I have trained specifically with this race in mind in hopes that I can shave a few minutes off. But overall I, like most people in our awesome sport, will be there to have fun and hang out with amazing people under some pretty trees. I consider myself fortunate to be able to run DV50 this year given the quick sell out. I feel like I owe it to everyone who wanted to get in but did not, to give it my absolute.
Sarah: I’ve ran it once in 5:18 for 4th place female last year. I hope this time around goes well... and that I have fun. I would say a successful run is a fun run. I will be happy to just run a steady race.

Jacek: I’ve ran it once before. I was aiming to finish in 4:45 or better, but with these tender achilles ... Finishing would be nice but racing injured is probably unwise.

Jackie: I’ve ran it twice before, but once DNF'd due to an ITB injury. My objectives this weekend are to see where my fitness level is, have some fun and use it to kick-start my summer training. I’ve been trying not to overtrain these past few months because I need my head and legs to be physically and mentally strong for April-September training (for Tor des Geant).

Chloe: What’s next on your race calendar?
Josh: Next up for me is a little redemption at Sun Mountain 50 miler in mid-May. I hope to not be running a fever again on race day. And if I am, I won't be making the same mistake to start--suffer--finish the race anyway. Worst. Idea. Ever.
Sarah: the next few runs are r2r2r2 with friends in May, then Sun Mountain 50k, Knee Knacker, and SQ50k. Trail running with friends is a favourite thing. Though, right now competitive road cycling is the main focus.

Jacek: Next race would be AngelsStaircase if I'm back to 100%. After that, I got into UTMB. It would be great if I could run it, but again it’s up to my recovery.

Jackie: Next up on the list is Sun Mountain 50 miler!

Chloe: Thanks very much Josh, Sarah, Jacek, and Jackie for sharing with us. Have a great race, and recover well. Look forward to talking with you at the post race bbq!

View from the beach

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  1. Josh is going to kill it this weekend, as is Mike. It's going to be a good race at the front! (I'll be watching it from mid-pack)