Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sticks and balls ... A beautiful thing

It’s very gratifying to indulge on forbidden foods and, well, some liquor when recovering from a glorious effort. Except racing an ultra is not an open license to flood the gates. And so, after a brief celebratory stint of incessant munching and extraordinary sloth with wine on the sofa, it was time to get back to business.

Every day. Sticks and balls: I hate you sorely

Active recovery tends to work best for me. Such as a social run on familiar trails, pretty hikes, and multiple rigorous sessions with the cursed trigger point rollers. Helps to knead and flush the damage out, and a quick recovery means sooner back to serious play on the mountain.

Tuesday, EOL group

My first run back post-race was with Jackie’s End of the Line (EOL) Tuesday group. About 10-20 people usually turn up. We venture on assorted trails in the LSCR or Mt Fromme area to name a few. The pace varies depending on who shows up and it is a “no drop” run. We conclude this cheerful 12k-ish jaunt with sushi in Lonsdale.

Tuesday, EOL group, Matt taking the lead with John in chase
Tuesday, EOL group, a waterfall along that eve's mystery route

I felt fairly spry at the onset, mostly just super happy to be out. Body niggles did creep up on the remaining climbs but thankfully others were also recovering from DV50k which kept the pace on task.

Wednesday, Grouse MTN. Plans to 'chill out' post gym overturned by spectacular weather.
Here doing my best Matt Barry pose (I'm just jealous he runs summits every night)

Saturday was a dizzying array of North Shore trails, some obscure enough that I would never succeed in linking this route together again on my own. Julie Flynn had orchestrated a group birthday run, the “barn burner” in commemoration of her partner’s birthday, Glenn, and also combined with Ward’s big five-0.

Saturday. The "Barn Burners" starting from Parkgate.
Me loving those neon arm warmers from Wendy
Saturday's route: Old Buck, Empress, Bridle, Forever After, Dale's, Picnic Lookout,
3 Chop, Dark Side, Coconut Xpress, and Patty's Special,
with coconut cake and custom treats to sweeten the day

Sunday was simply fantastic high up in the sunshine. We made our third attempt to summit the Swan Falls route and managed to bag Mount Beautiful

Sunday, Swall Falls. Matt Barry, Joel Payeur, Shannon Penway, me, Jackie Muir

We got distracted by the exhilaration of running up a snowy peak under a sky of coasting eagles, and somehow bypassed the junction to DillyDally

Sunday. Joel cresting Mount Beautiful 

Sunday. Shannon running toward Matt's camera
Matt musing: "I race ultras to give me the fitness to cover more mountain"

We intersected with backpackers who informed us that DD was too deep to pass without snowshoes. And since the men were post-holing fairly deep already, we concluded to retrace our steps as we were quite satisfied with our outing so far. We capped the day with a fun tempo run around Buntzen lake to roll out the legs. 

Sunday. Mount Beauty snack time

Sunday. Chasing Shannon's flamingo socks

We’ll be back for sure! Here’s Joel’s strava data.  A few more pics on Instagram.

Next up: see you at the Squamish Orientation run #2!?

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