Monday, May 12, 2014

You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed

Saturday. 5Peaks Golden Ears

You might be wondering how my ‘double-double’ phase is coming along … and perhaps your interest was piqued in my last post when I mentioned ‘Marathon Mondays’. I’ve heard back from several people that the early-morning runs have proven addictive, though I cannot be further held responsible for any inspiration (or envy) derived from reading about Daniel Goddard’s ritual of running the marathon distance at the start of each work week.

One should never listen to the flowers. One should simply look at them and breathe their fragrance

I took Monday and Tuesday off work in order to better host visiting family from back East. This curiously provided windows of free time, and thus coaxed by amazing weather I did not adhere to my tapering plan. Within 4 days, I inexplicably mismanaged my mileage volume, and by Friday felt twinges of being over trained. I was registered to race the enduro distance at 5Peaks Golden Ears held this past Saturday, but decided it was best to sit that one out and stay injury-free for my upcoming key event at Sun Mountain.

Tuesday. Port Moody, Rocky Point Park.
Lunch time run. Ran 3x that day, unintentionally.
Wednesday. Flint + Feather with Aran Seaman (aka Thor)
Wednesday. I never tire of this view, my legs were
not as thrilled though coming down Skyline and Jetboy ...

It is truly useful since it is beautiful

At the race, I hung-out in the Salomon Running tent with Tom Craik, James Marshall, Munny Munro and Jeff Pelletier, where I talked with racers excited to demo awesome shoes. Last minute, I was asked by the race director (RD) to act as ‘race rabbit’ and lead out the kids 3K race - which was hilarious and frightening as they can really sprint. We can likely anticipate full race reports from Mike Murphy, Shannon Penway, Ed Kumar, and from the RD Solana Klassen. See race results.

Saturday. Waving to the mini-trail runners about to chase me for 3k.
Joel and Shannon ambassadors for positive living

Saturday. James Marshall is ready for his 'tempo run'.
Podium finishers: Jordan, Shaun and Mike.
Mike and Tiger photo-bombing the RD.

But the eyes are blind. One must look with the heart...

Since I took it easy on Saturday, I felt energetic enough to accompany my good buddy Graham Snowden and his pal Neil McGregor on a paddle from Deep Cove toward Granite Falls (and back) up Indian Arm. It was not my intention to stay with them for the entire journey, but once again the beauty of the day made time stand still and fatigue was ignored.

Feeling the aftermath of last week's frenzy of activities, I intend to take it easy this week, in preparation for a good run next Sunday in Winthrop (North Cascades, Washington). It seems like everyone is going, and I'm really looking forward to it.
Sunday. Graham and Neil in training for a channel crossing on SUP in June.

If somebody wants one, that is a proof that one exists

On a Tuesday morning run, I asked Daniel to say more about his ‘Marathon Mondays’, here is his response:

Marathon Monday was really something that happened by accident. My friend Sarah (@sarahstepec) and I were out for a long run, and already close to, so we made it a marathon, it just happened to be on a Monday. 
90% of the time it is just myself out for it, or at least for the whole thing. I've had a couple memorable ones with company. Marc Schmitz (@UltraVeggie) has a way of talking me into more elevation and harder trails. It was nice to have Mathias Autsch (I love running with Germans apparently) along for the one time I've done it as a night run. 
It changes every week. The pace and time on feet really depends on where I go. I remember a trail 50k with minimal elevation in a bit under 5.5 hours. But harder routes with a lot of elevation have been well over 7 hours. I'm committed to "The Maffetone Method" which has me keeping my HR really low, particularly on the longer runs. 
Living in North Van, I'm lucky to have such amazing trails starting right out my door. So I'm usually running somewhere between Deep Cove and Grouse. With plenty of diversions to stretch it out. I still love road running, so a couple have been the BMO Vancouver Marathon course, in reverse, for fun.
Why? In the last few years consistency has been something of a struggle. Marathon Monday has become a weekly pillar for me to build around. I ran a huge PB at Diez Vista this year, so from a training perspective, it seems to be working for me. It is about much more than training though - it is a weekly ritual that involves long periods of time, usually alone, in nature. 

Next up for me is the Sinister7 100 miler on July 5th, with Vancouver 100 as the final big training run, happening in early June.

Good luck with your season Daniel!
A few more pics from this week on Instagram

Next post: Sun Mountain race report

Saturday. Trying not to get caught by the fast kids ... - Photo by Robert Shaer 
*Title quotes from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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