Sunday, June 1, 2014

Back to business

Saturday. Squamish.

Still dazed from post-race, I jetted off to Vegas with old friends for 4 days of the predictable debauched merriment that Sin City sells. No more to say about that.

Now it’s back to the gym, to double-doubles, the foam roller and constant trips to the grocery store. I’m sitting with a pen and calendar trying to lay out a training schedule for my next key race in July. And I feel pretty good about it.

Last week's Flint & Feather Wednesday with Aran ... post-race pre-Vegas.
Tuesday 5:30am MTN HWY group - Photo by James Marshall
Wednesday. Brother's Creek Bridge, Cypress MTN with Graham Snowden

Live and learn

I’ve competed on and off at various levels in several sport disciplines for nearly 20 years now. So, I have enough experience with self-management to gauge what works and what doesn’t. My regime is pretty tight, but with new technologies, products, gear, studies, and then there’s new fads that sometimes almost make enough sense to make you question whether it’s time to alter something. And then there’s that time factor, I do my best to preserve a sense of vigour … but aging ultimately sucks.

On the drive to Squamish Saturday, Jeff Pelletier and I were discussing our approach to training and philosophies around racing. I realised that my race performances are surprisingly still improving, and that I can sustain high training loads while fortunate to dodge nagging injuries.

This made me reflect on some of the things I’ve adjusted these past 8 months, I:

  • did minimal running in Winter months in favour of skiing and other training
  • continued weight-baring strength and core exercises year-round
  • am disciplined about getting 8-9+ hours of restful sleep every night
  • cut down on alcohol consumption, and started a 2-3 week “dry cycle” leading up to key events
  • incorporated self-massage (foam roller, stick, etc) twice daily, like 20/45 mins
  • cut out dairy and gluten, decreased sweets, increased good fats and lean proteins
  • started USANA supplements; an antioxidants, multi-mineral and glucosamine mega pack 
  • reduced quantity of ultras (from 4-5 to 3) and added short fun training races for speed/joy

-        The most important change from past years (seriously, I have never done this) is to commit to NOT planning anything past July. Meaning, I can do whatever kind of run whenever I want, anywhere with whoever anytime, that is until the snow comes. It seems like a silly thing, but this alone has done wonders for motivation to keep me on-track. I rarely fall off the wagon because I’m assured with the reward of running my feet off once my official race season is over.

Saturday. Squamish Valley Road with Munny Munro - Photo by Jeff Pelletier

Saturday. Jeff and Munny talking gear ratio.
I was pretty happy to see Munny (my ski coach)

Sunday. Squamish50 Orientation run. 100 runners for the 32/42K loops.
Mariève Legrand and her hubby enjoying a great run together.

So come August, do invite me to tag along on your adventures, I’m in!

Next up: training continues. More pics on Instagram 

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