Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ultra luxuriating

Howe Sound Crest Trail. Photo by Spring McClurg

Eight weeks

Eight wonderful weeks of over-luxuriating, indulging in excessive mountain miles and post adventure catnaps on the couch. The alpine … it got in my skin, in my core. When not on the mountain, everything else was just ‘waiting’.

My last key race, the Knee Knacker was quickly followed by a relay-team appearance at TrailStoke, and then every weekend afterward was filled with ambitious play. Starting with three full-days running the South Chilcotin mountains. The weekend after that was a Whistler extravaganza (Singing Pass, Russet Lake, Musical Bumps, High Note, Cheakamus, Wedge …). And then, I check-marked surrounding Classics such as: Coliseum, Black Tusk, Hanes, the HSCT (blog) (blog) (video), and Crown.

Yes, I bundled some back-to-back epics in there, sprinkled with weekday after-work jaunts up local staples including: Flint & Feather, Sky Pilot, Diez Vista, Lynn Peak, and Swan Falls, some more than once or thrice. If you saw me volunteer at SQ50 or at a couple of the 5Peaks races, there certainly were bouts of running in there too, including the Cypress Enduro course, twice.

The Chimney on Black Tusk. Photo by Joel Payeur

The view from Crown Mtn

Mid week Flint + Feather with the men

The boulder field of Hanes Valley. Photo by Erin Donnelly

Sky Pilot. Photo by Ben Reah

Top of Swan Falls

Cypress Bowl. Photo by James Marshall

Dance upon the summit like a flame

I watched an iRunFar pre-race video interview about The Rut 50k with Anna Frost, where she commented that since her last key race, she had been playing on high peaks and enjoying “a lot of picnics in the mountains” … then declared that race morning would be somewhat of a shock, standing at the start thinking “oh my gosh, I’m actually racing”.

I can 100% relate, as I’m now trying to get my head around racing Sky Pilot next Sunday. In fact, I’m unenthusiastically signed-up for three races.

I’m under-motivated not because these races lack lustre, that’s absolutely not the case, I'm excited about running these great courses. It’s just … it has been a while since I’ve toed the line. I’m not burnt-out. I’m just coming down from a very steep high. I’m played-out yet so satisfied, already daydreaming about snow and thoughts of rekindling with winter activities and playmates. In my head, I’m done with this running season.

But since I’m already signed-up I may as well use these short races to springboard into the xc-ski season. And, I bet have fun in the process.

Mystery trail from Top of the World to Cheakamus Lake. Photo by Jackie Muir

Wedge Lake with Jackie

South Chilcotins. Photo by Glenn Cameron

Mid week Flint + Feather, all by myself

Skirt of Tusk Chimney. Photo by Joel Payeur

Morning fog, summit of Coliseum. Photo by "Irish John"


Russet Lake

Next up: Sky Pilot Race Report

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