Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It’s been a while

Mt Cheam. Nov 2014 - Photo by Aran Seaman.

My last official event was Mountain Madness Hallow’s Eve ½ trail marathon in October. I did it leisurely with friends, as a perfect way to wrap-up the trail running season.

I like to ramp up for the cross country ski season in early November. I took a few weeks completely off in October, then started working with a power lifting/Oly coach, Michelle Ford from Peak Power (Fraser Street Run Club), once weekly. I was lifting weights three times and trail running twice weekly, up until it finally snowed in mid-December.

Hallow's Eve Trail 1/2 Marathon. The start with Aran. Oct 2014.
- Photo by Jackie Muir.

Ugly Sweater Christmas Run (fundraiser for NSR).
Doing laps with Pascal. Nov 2014 - Photo by Jay Klassen.

Golden Ears Summit. Off my adventure wish list!  - Photo by Pascal Gray.

Now, I will be running only once weekly up until the beginning of March. Cross-country skiing is the main focus culminating to a single race at the end of February. But it’s a big one and it scares me.

I will continue to Oly lift throughout the winter as I’ve noted benefits in terms of strength, improved mobility and better body control. I just feel more ... athletic. I have also begun taking downhill ski lessons in hopes of adding ski touring (AT) to my playlist, purely as an indulgence.

 Manning Resort. Making my alpine ski debut. Dec 2014 - Photo by Pascal Gray.

Reflections and predictions

Looking back, I’m satisfied with this past race season. Although my performance at Knee Knacker was demoralizing, it didn’t overshadow other solid results and all the joyful adventures. I hit a lot of the peaks on my wish list and remain so very lucky to have the best training partners, such amazing friends.

Looking forward, I can’t imagine how I wouldn’t have another fun-filled season. I had a gait analysis done at the Fortius Sports Training Centre. Mostly to check for misalignments, long-term problem areas or information that might shed light on why I’m so prone to tumbles. It turns out my biomechanics were fairly efficient (despite noted trauma). A recommendation of increasing stride frequency by 10-15% would help with overall injury prevention and efficacy. As for the tumbling, I’m plainly just a klutz. This was a useful exercise, I received a complete analysis report and valuable suggestions to heed going forward. The centre itself is well worth a visit, pertinent services at reasonable rates.

Fortius Sports Centre. Motion cameras on a treadmill. Dec 2014 - Photo by Matt Thompson.

Fortius Sports Centre. Watching my gait in 3D motion. 

I pondered on applying to companies for a sponsorship or becoming a brand ambassador, though decided against it in the end. I’d be proud to represent, however the responsibility of promoting a product, or an image, is something I can’t fairly commit to at this time.

With events filling-up fast and lotteries opening so early, there was pressure to make quick decisions about the 2015 race season. I sat down with one of my training partners and we mapped out the races we wanted to train for together, and signed-up from there. I was successful in my lotteries and no longer need to think about what to do, I have the list.

Something that kept me smiling last year was the group adventure runs. Therefore I’ve included choice destinations to my season’s schedule. I’m not restricted to these and am staying open to invitations. 

First skate ski of the year. Whistler Olympic Park (Callaghan). Dec 2014 - Photo by Munny.

It's all about Nordic now. Coach Munny in the background. Dec 2014.

The Payak, 50K freestyle xc ski, Whistler Olympic Park, Feb 28 - registered
Gorge Waterfalls 50K, Cascade Locks WA, March 29 – registered
Vancouver 100, 100k (the double Knacker), June 6th - planning to register
Broken Goat 50K, Rossland, July 17-18registered
Angels Staircase 60K, North Cascades WA, Aug 8 – a big maybe
Fat Dog 70mi, Aug 15 – registered
Sky Pilot 22K, SQ, Sept 20 – planning to register
Adventure Runs
Mt Assiniboine, Wonderland Trail, Juan de Fuca Marine trail

Flint + Feather, absolutely my favourite weekly run/scramble. Look forward to more in 2015!

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