Chasing moments. Rain storm looming, South Chilcotin Mountains. 2014

Born in Sherbrooke (QC), I moved to Vancouver in 2007 and have been running trails ever since. Originally a cyclist, I was also a fan of general fitness and therefore dabble in skiing and climbing.

You can expect to read race reports and adventures, either mine or otherwise profile features of BC athletes who share a love of the mountains.

Start of Knee Knacker 2013 - photo by Karen Chow

Elfin Lakes, Garibaldi Park with Pat Malavi, 2013
- Photo by Jeff Pelletier

Badwater Basin, Cali, with Munny Munro, 2013 - Photo by Chris Jocelyn 

Swan Falls, Port Moody, with Matt Thompson, 2014 - Photo by Graham Snowden

Working the offset with a Thera-band, a drill by coach Munny Munro,
Whistler Olympic Park, January 2013 - Photo by Munro

My inspiration: (video) Emilie - Into the Light

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Bucking Hell, CMTS Series, 2013, with Gary Robbins
- Photo by Robert Shaer

Bucking Hell, CMTS Series, 2014 - Photo by Solana Klassen

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