The ultra test

Top signs that you’re an ultra-trail runner

Looking good.

1.      your alarm is set for 5:45am and it is Saturday

2.      you say “I’m just going for a run” then you don’t get home until supper time

3.      you own more than two headlamps

4.      coconut oil is a food group

5.      your monthly nutrition bill is higher than all other monthly payments combined

6.      you say things like “it’s only 20K”

7.      you swear you’ll never wear those ugly Hokas but secretly have a pair on order

8.      you own an assortment of compression calf sleeves for each pre-during-post activity

9.      pulling into the parking lot, you’re reassured this is your event by the beards, tattoos, plaid shirts, buffs, tall socks, visors, and stickered hatchbacks

10.   you stay up way past your bedtime because you're on Ultrasignup checking out competitors’ results

11.   you can’t shut up about your Vitamix

12.   lotteries have an entirely different meaning for you

13.   you are pleased by non-runners’ reaction upon seeing your bare toes for the first time

14.   foam rollers are the new floss of necessary evils

15.   you blame “tapering” for how you freaked-out at JJBeans they were out of your favourite muffins

16.   you post reminders of upcoming races on FB but only after your own registration is confirmed

17.   you’ve abandoned trying to convince coworkers why your weekend was actually fun

18.   you get zero sympathy from your family when you don’t  get into Western States for the 4th time

19.   you’re completely starstruck that you just saw Rikey Gates at the Aid Station 

20.   you experience the 5 stages of grief when you realize your GPS essentially died four miles into a 30 mile training run, and no Strava data to show-off your heaviest volume week ...
and - see "how to be an ultra runner" video from TrailandUltra

Did I miss any?

Aid station buffet with Jeff Pelletier at Waldo 100k, 2013
- Photo by Jane Osborne

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