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Race Report and Interview: Buck me this Goat is Knackered - Published July 29
Athlete: Craig Fizzle

Race Report and Interview: Knee Knacker 30mile - publishes July 14
Athlete: Chris Jones

Race Report and Interview: Gorge Waterfalls 100K - published April 3
Athletes: Alexa Laidlaw and Hilary Matheson

Race Report and Interview: The Dirty Duo 50K - published March 9
Athlete: Tara Berry


Race Report and Interview: The Rut 50K race report - published October 7
Athlete: Nick Elson

Race Report:  Squamish 50/50 published August 22
Athletes: Marie Boucher and Andy Healey

Adventure Run:  John Muir Trail self-supported fast-pack adventure – published August 12
Athlete: Erin Donnelly

Race Report: The North Face® Lavaredo Ultra Trail 119k solo – published July 30
Athlete: Adam Harris 

Race Report: Sinister7 Ultra Trail 100mi solo – published July 9
Athlete: Daniel Goddard 

Interview: Knee Knacker 30mile race preview – published June 28
Athletes: Sam Drove, Kim Magnus, and Kathy McKay
See full preview at Trail Runner Canada

Adventure Run: Annapurna Circle 200k  – published June 25
Athlete: Graham Perkins

Interview: 5Peaks Golden Ears – published  May 9th
Athletes: Joel Payeur and Shannon Penway

Adventure Run: Sunshine Coast Trail – published April 30
Athletes: Matt Barry, Graham Perkins, and Alexa Laidlaw

Interview: Salomon Running Canada Flight Crew member – published April 15
Athlete: Jeff Pelletier

Race Report: Diez Vista 50k – published April 6
Athletes: Various

Interview: Diez Vista 50k  – published April 1
Athletes: Josh Barringer, Sarah Carter,  Jacek Doniec, and Jackie Muir

Cypress Peak, July 2019
Kungsleden Trail, Northern Sweden, 2009
Dam Mtn, 2013 - Photo by Jeff Pelletier

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